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Pool Opening and Closing Services

Pool Opening and Closing Services

Well here we are in the middle of another year. It’s the middle of a glorious summer too, so if you have a swimming pool, you may already know what it takes to keep it sparkling clean and fresh during the swimming season. You will also be aware of the required maintenance for your particular pool.

Sadly, at some point at the end of summer or in the early fall, water fun will come to an end as the pool must be closed for the winter.

And, the truth is, the better the job of closing that is done, the easier opening will be! If you are used to doing these tasks yourself, you may already know what is required to do a thorough job.

For the uninitiated, and as a reminder to the rest of us, let’s take a look at the minimum that is required for the proper opening and closing of a swimming pool.


Step 1: Clean the pool and look for damage.
Step 2: Take stock of your pool chemicals.
Step 3: Take off the cover and put it away.
Step 4: Do a visual inspection of the pool to identify any damage.
Step 5: Fill the pool up to the tile in the middle of the waterline and clean up any last bits of debris.
Step 6: Start the filter and check the water.
Step 7: Keep the chemicals in the pool balanced all season.


STEP 1: Clean out any debris and scum from the pool and the immediate area.
STEP 2: Check the water and make sure the chemical balance is right.
STEP 3: Add chemicals and winterizing add-ons to the pool as required.
STEP 4: Add chlorine and shock your pool.
STEP 5: Bring the water level down in the pool.
STEP 6: Clean the pool’s filter and pump and backwash the system.
STEP 7: Clean out the lines of the pool pump.
STEP 8: Take all pool accessories out of the pool, clean, dry, and put them away.
STEP 9: Put on a winter pool cover.

Are We Done Yet?

Phew! That’s a lot. Even for seasoned DIYers, the learning curve can be steep. The time and effort required adds up too. If you haven’t done so already, take a look at some reasons why you might want to hand these tasks over to a professional.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Pool Service Provider for Opening and Closing Your Pool

They’ve Been Providing Services for Many Years

Some pool owners know how to run their pools well, but hiring a pool maintenance company makes sure that everything works optimally. Pool owners may not know enough about safety rules to make sure they are all being followed consistently.

Professional pool service providers have worked with pools for years and know how to run them safely and well. Their staff has been expertly trained on how to keep the area around the water safe as well.

You Can Save Money and Time

When you hire a professional pool service provider, you won’t have to buy and store extra chemicals, supplies, and equipment. This saves you money.

When You Need Them, They Will Be There

Professional pool service providers are very good at listening to what their customers want. When you call them, they’ll come right away. They will give you a realistic estimate of when the work will be done.

They Know How to Open and Close Your Pool the Right Way

For these jobs, you need a lot of specialized training and knowledge. For example, experts know how to close a pool so that mould doesn’t grow over the winter. They also know how to do the tasks that need to be done quickly and well.

They Can Design Service Plans That Fit Your Needs

A lot of people who own pools require customized services. Professionals can create service packages that are tailored to your needs and budget.

Pool Opening and Closing Services

They Can Handle Any Issues Right Away

If problems do arise, you will need a quick response. When you call a pool service provider, they can help you with any pool problems that may occur. They will attend to emergencies like a broken pump or a leak right away.

G3 Pool and Spa is the Best Pool Services Provider to Call

The best thing about having a pool is being able to spend time with family and friends enjoying it. Your operating costs will be lower and your pool will last longer if you have it professionally opened and closed. Leave it to experts, as our trusted technicians will save you time and money. Pool opening services and pool closing services are best handled by the pros!

As 3rd generation pool builders, we are proud to say that G3 Pool and Spa has been at the top of this ever-changing business for almost 50 years. Our competitive advantage is our experience. We design and build pools and provide superior pool services. We are known for our remarkable rates, high quality, and the best customer service in the business.

Best Pool Services Provider

You can look forward to enjoying your new pool and spa for many years. Let’s design a custom pool services package to suit your exact needs. Call us at 416-251-6549 or email us at We serve customers all over Southern Ontario and welcome all inquiries.

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