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Does the idea of having your own swimming pool sound appealing to you? With the concept of staycation getting more and more popular, swimming pools have become a must-have addition to every home.

G3 Pool and Spa is passionate about building luxury swimming pools using high-quality materials. Established in 1990, we have decades of experience in the landscaping and pool industry. We have professionals in all domains, so whether you are looking for a luxury pool contractor, swimming pool contractor, custom pool contractor, or concrete pool contractor, we have them all!

Luxury Pool Contractor

Whether you wish to have your existing swimming pool renovated or a new one constructed, G3 Pool and Spa luxury pool contractors have you covered. A swimming pool is a luxury that everyone loves to have at their home. Apart from being a source for bodily exercise, having a well-designed swimming pool in your backyard also serves as entertainment for people of all ages. Minimalistic and infinite pools are two of the most popular luxury swimming pool trends. Our luxury pool contractor will help you find the perfect design that compliments the style of your backyard and reflects your personality.

Swimming Pool Contractor

Are you confused about which type of swimming pool design will complement your home design? The G3 Pool and Spa swimming pool contractors are there to help you out. They will start by understanding your requirements and will create a swimming pool design accordingly. Once you have approved the design, the swimming pool contractors will use industry-grade equipment to prepare the site for construction. Throughout the pool construction process, the swimming pool contractors will keep you in the loop, making sure that you are kept updated about the progress along the way. To hire a swimming pool contractor, give us a call at 416-251-6549.

Custom Pool Contractor

If you would like an outside-of-the-box custom swimming pool design, we can accommodate you. When you work with G3 Pool and Spa, our custom pool contractors are there from beginning to end, taking care of all your unique requirements along the way. Regardless of how impossible your idea might seem, our custom pool contractors will do everything in their power to make it a reality. So, whether you want a mini-waterpark or a teardrop-shaped swimming pool in your backyard, the G3 Pool and Spa custom pool contractor will make it possible.

Concrete Pool Contractor

A concrete swimming pool is a long-lasting investment that reaps great rewards, both in the value of your property and the happiness and health of your family. With complete knowledge about all types of designs and materials, a G3 Pool and Spa concrete pool contractor will help you to build a swimming pool that enhances the décor of your home and backyard.

Contact the Luxury Pool Contractors Today

Picking the right luxury pool contractor to design and build the backyard swimming pool of your dreams can be overwhelming. It is a huge investment, so don’t be misled by other companies. Contact us for a free personalized assessment, and our luxury pool contractors will walk you through the entire process, helping you turn your vision into reality.