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Pickering Concrete Swimming Pools

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Pickering Concrete Swimming Pools

Let G3 Pool and Spa design and install your Pickering concrete swimming pool, and then sit back and relax – you’ll be in the best of hands. We’re experts in Pickering concrete pools, and we’ll provide you with the exact type of backyard oasis you want. In addition to building your concrete swimming pool in Pickering ON, we can also build a stunning deck and even take care of all your landscaping needs. No other company that builds concrete pools in Pickering ON can touch G3 Pool & Spa when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction.

What to Expect During the Installation of Your Pickering Concrete Swimming Pool

Installing a Pickering concrete swimming pool is a major undertaking, of course. It usually takes several weeks to build Pickering concrete pools – in some cases, it can take a couple of months. But the first time you take a dip in your concrete swimming pool in Pickering ON, you’ll realize the wait was worth it. Here’s some information on what to expect during the installation of concrete pools in Pickering ON.

  • Excavation – This is the first step of the Pickering concrete swimming pool installation process. You’ll have a lot of excavation equipment in your backyard, because it takes a lot of machinery to remove the required amount of dirt.
  • Construction – Pickering concrete pools have to be reinforced with steel rebar, which supports the concrete shell. Plumbing will also need to be installed for the main drains and skimmer, as well as the return lines. Electrical work will also be needed in order to install lights.
  • Concrete installation – Next, it will be time for the floors and walls of your pool to take shape. The process we use is called “Shotcrete”. This is a mixture of sand, portland cement, water and pea gravel. We spray this mixture on at 120psi which gives the concrete superior strength. Skilled tradesmen finish the concrete by hand. The concrete takes 28 days to cure.

This just scratches the surface of the many steps that go into constructing a Pickering concrete swimming pool. To learn more, contact G3 – the leader in Pickering concrete pools – online or call 416-251-6549.

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