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G3 Pool and Spa
1400 The Queensway
Toronto, Ontario
M8Z 1S4
Phone: 416-251-6549

Products and Services

G3 Pool and Spa is a proudly Canadian luxury pool company that specializes in designing and building custom outdoor oases in Southern Ontario. They are a full-service pool company with 47 years of experience in transforming backyards.

A wide range of services is offered to both builders and homeowners. From design and build projects, to delivery of pool chemicals and weekly service, this is a one-stop-shopping experience. They do it all; from drawings and permits, to pouring concrete and landscaping. The installation, repair or renovation of any type of pool can be undertaken for concrete, vinyl, fiberglass and steel pools.

Leaders in the Industry

Their area of expertise is concrete pools and water features, working for both the homeowner and on commercial projects. Experience lies in the name, G3 Pool and Spa. As 3rd-generation pool builders, they proudly proclaim that they have been at the forefront of an ever-changing industry for almost 5 decades. The competitive advantage comes from years of experience. Innovative building refinements, which they have developed, allow for building the highest quality pools and spas for less money.

A Trusted Name

The company is fully licensed and insured and offers the best warranty in the business. All customers are provided with a 3-year warranty on landscaping and pool construction and then the manufacturer’s warranty on pool equipment.

G3 Pool and Spa boasts unparalleled quality, unmatched upfront pricing and the best customer service in the business. They’ve been known for years for providing excellent customer service at an affordable price. Their goal is to make the customers’ experience as stress-free as possible.


G3’s team of professionals work in partnership with the customer. Consistent communication aids in completing projects on time and within budget. Many satisfied customers enjoy working with the designers and landscapers who magically transform visions into reality. The best available products are used for every project–large or small–to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting result.

History of the Company

G3 Pool and Spa gets its name from the fact that they are 3rd-generation custom pool builders. An established tradition of excellence surpasses other swimming pool builders. The pool industry goes through constant change, and G3 Pool and Spa is always at the forefront of those changes. Industry-leading refinements have been developed over the years that have allowed the building of the highest quality pools more affordably than their competitors.


Glowing testimonials and referrals are evidence of customer satisfaction. Bringing dreams to reality is a common theme. The projects have been described as “a dream come true” and “a relaxing oasis”. Customer satisfaction brings joy to the hearts of everyone on the team.

A Vision for the Future

It is G3 Pool and Spa’s fervent desire to be the custom pool builders turned to first. They take pride in their workmanship and will design, build, renovate and repair any kind of pool. As custom pool builders, they are up to the task as the customer’s imagination guides the project. Builders and homeowners alike have put their confidence in G3 Pool and Spa, and they will do whatever it takes to earn a customer’s confidence.

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